What Does it Mean to Remain Constant?

Remain constant. What does that mean? I was wondering the same thing in the season before I left for YWAM. I was scared. I was scared of letting things go, I was scared of losing people and I was scared to truly follow God. The reason I was scared was this: I needed to carry my own cross, and in all honesty, I wasn’t prepared to do that. I wasn’t willing to lay down the things and people I love for a God who had been taking them away so constantly; it seemed. I wasn’t willing to step out in faith because in my walk with Christ it seemed God had been stepping on my back while I was down. Until I got up. I got on my first plane alone to fly to an island in the middle of the ocean all because this God I was angry with told me to. I felt like Jonah in a sense but for some reason I was so drawn to this God, I wanted to get close but not too close. I wanted to test the waters; little did I know, I was about to be fully immersed in the life giving waters of a Savior who will never let me drown.

God demands, yes demands, us to be strong and courageous. Christ also didn’t suggest to pick up our cross and carry it, I feel He commands us to do so. So when I picked up my cross and headed to Maui I started to feel weight lifting off my shoulders. Weird though because last time I recalled I was putting all my burdens on me but doing so my eyes were opened to the beauty of confession. Picking up the things that weighed me down was a moment of hope because I realized if I can pick them up, I can surely throw them at the feet of Jesus. After all, He already died for those sins, there’s truly nothing He has not done.

Remaining constant begins with confession and trust. YWAM showed me that there is beauty in the struggle. Struggling through your relationship with Christ comes in waves. You’re gonna have dry seasons and you’re gonna go through harsh winters. You have to dig deep though, some trees need harsh winters to grow stronger. Sometimes we need harsh seasons to rely fully on the Lord. Sometimes we need to be taken out of our comfort zones in areas we never have. I say with great faith YWAM did this for me and will do it for you.

Christ revealed Himself in every single lecture topic. He showed me that I need to listen to His voice, He showed me I needed to accept the Fathers love, He showed me the reality of what the word is. He revealed to me who I truly am and that is a Lion. A Goliath for the Lords army. He’s calling you to believe this truth as well. I highly suggest you do it.

I praise God for the amazing people He placed in my life and the knowledge I obtained in my time with YWAM. To remain constant in Christ is to acknowledge this; if God was in the garden, He is surely in the valley with you.


By Gage Oliver

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