Faithful, Available, Teachable

I am in a season of learning how to be FAT. Now, before ya’ll get “bent out of shape” and start affirming me with encouragement and scripture of how The Lord sees me, let me break it down so that you can understand.
FAT is an acronym that, when taken apart, actually means Faithful, Available, and Teachable.
In order to be FAT, it’s important we take a look at what each one means, by definition, first.
Faithful to be loyal, constant, and steadfast
Available able to be used or obtained; to be at someone’s disposal
Teachable someone who is open to being taught
In being faithful, it’s a good thing to take some time to reflect and ask ourselves if we’re constantly pursuing God and being steadfast in seeking Him daily. I know for myself, I’m always reminded of God’s faithfulness, but BEING faithful and loyal in choosing how I spend my time with Him, in how I serve others and my community, and in how I am intentionally seeking Him through His Word, through prayer, or through worship, is so vital for my growth and maturity in my Christian walk.
When you’re faithful in truly pursuing God’s heart, you are also showing Him that you have become available. You are able to be used by Him. In taking time to think about how we are being faithful, we should also consider and be honest with ourselves on if we are truly being available for God to use us whenever, wherever, and however he chooses to lead or direct us. Being real vulnerable, I am initially terrified at the thought of being used by God whenever or however He wants because I can’t see it coming so I don’t know what to expect or how to be prepared…BUT I also get excited because I think about how He wants to use ME for a specific purpose and how I GET to be used by Him in different areas and seasons of my life!
Now being teachable was something that has always been so natural for me…when they are practical steps given from other human beings. When it’s from the Lord, that’s where I struggle a bit more. Even as I am writing this, God is teaching me something and whenever He does that, it’s like this humility that falls upon me because I am reminded that there are times where I will mess up, even after I am given instruction. There will be times I may let others down. There will and have been times that boundaries will need to be made so that priorities could fall into place. Through all of that, God is teaching. This may come as a shocker to you, but WE ARE STILL HUMAN. It’s okay not to be okay and to not be perfect after we’ve been taught things because we are not perfect and it’s all a part of learning and GROWING! Being vulnerable again, this has been something I keep forgetting and have been struggling to accept, but something God has definitely been reminding me of and I am allowing myself to be taught by Him in this area. Yes, He extends His grace, but He is teaching us all different things in our seasons and our walks with Him, whether it’s through the mountain top moments or the times we find ourselves stuck in the valleys. He is always teaching. The question, I guess, is are we willing to be taught by God and are we truly open to His teaching and His instruction of His Word?
I encourage you all to take some time and reflect, be honest with yourselves and with God, and ask yourselves how you’re being faithful, available, and teachable.
I’m preaching this to myself as well, but don’t be afraid to be FAT 🙂
By Tatiana Mendez

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