May 2019 Update – Keeping in Step

Here at YWAM Maui, we are doing our best to stay in step with the Lord (Gal 5:15-26). This always begins with surrendering our own ideas, knowing that God’s ways are higher than our own. When the Lord moves it is not always the way we think would be the best plan, so being in a humble state we say “Lord tell us what you want”, and not “Lord bless us/me or this is what we/I want”. This should always be the starting point for a follower of Christ… aka, Christian. YWAM Maui wants to partner with Jesus in making plans, not as equals with God, but as subordinates under a loving King.

Winter DTS Outreach Teams: 

In Acts 1, Jesus tells the disciples that they will be His witnesses both at home and abroad. We have been privileged to take part in that direction of the original disciples. We currently have two teams in Asia, one in the Himalayas and one in Taiwan.

The Lord has been using both teams and been giving them fruitful and effective outreaches. Team Taiwan has been able to serve and make inroads into the schools in Yilan. After an extensive Easter tour through elementary schools, the team has been teaching water safety courses in more schools, creating relationships with students, teachers, and administrators that will continue on with our local contacts long after this team has left. Team Himalayas has been on the streets introducing people to Jesus. Many know nothing about Jesus apart for the knowledge that Christians worship Him, others have never met a Christian before who could be that witness Jesus calls us to be.

Please be praying for continued fruitfulness for our teams in Asia.

Spring SBFM:

We are four weeks into our School of Biblical Foundations and Missions. The focus of this school is to discover the Characteristics of Truth, refine our Worldview according to The Bible, develop a life-long hunger for The Bible, equip ourselves with Apologetics for tough questions, understand different cultures and World-views, answer questions with gentleness and respect. We have already covered topics such as Worldview, critical thinking & Inductive Bible Study. This school is full of leaders, men & woman, excited and hungry to dive deeper into these topics and take them into the Nations.


SBFM Student Glance:
“Throughout the past few weeks of SBFM, I’ve learned so much about the importance of having a firm foundation and about different worldviews in comparison to a Biblical Christian Worldview. The one thing that is sticking out to me the most, as of right now in this season, is the importance of knowing history, so that we, as Evangelical Christians, can have a better understanding of the times we are currently in. By knowing history and understanding the times in the present, we may be able to predict where we might be headed. When we take a look at the Word, we see that some things spoken in history, declared years ago, have happened or are currently happening today! One thing, though, that the Lord keeps reminding me of during this season is to never lose sight of Him in the midst of studying, reading, and learning. As I learn to fix my gaze on Him during busy days and nights, I begin to feel the weight of the truth, I recognize the reality which is our world today, and I fall even deeper in love with Him.”
-Tati Mendez
Prayer Point:

As YWAM Maui looks at the near future, we understand that growth is happening and changes will be coming. Please pray with us as we seek the heart of the Lord for His desire and plans. We want to walk through these changes His way and not just in our own wisdom. We are excited to see what He has for us, and look forward to your partnership with us.



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