The Sent

How many of us have been sent somewhere?

Somewhere you don’t necessarily want to go. Your parents tell you to take out the rubbish, your boss tells you to attend to a situation, your Grandma asks you to get some milk at the grocery store.

All of these things can seem…well, like ​tasks.​

Things are a little different when you have the ​right person​ with you. You bring a friend to a challenging place and it can be a lot of fun. It can also be hard, but at least you are with someone right? Going through challenges alone can be difficult and intimidating, but with the right person with you, it changes things.

The “task”.

For Christians there is a very important task. A task that can seem daunting, intimidating, or seemingly unapproachable. The Great Commission. As the Gospel Matthew ends we see Jesus giving the charge to go into all Nations, baptizing them in His name, and to teaching them what Jesus told them (found in Matt 28). Some Christians choose to step out in ways they never tried before just to get brushed off because someone “doesn’t want to hear it”. Or maybe something great happens and a woman cries because you gave her $20 that you were going to spend on food. Regardless of the outcome, Jesus told us to do these things AND that He would never leave you.

If we act on what Jesus said and have a negative experience we cannot listen to the voice that tells us to never step out again. Whether it was disappointment, awkwardness, or even to the point of persecution we must realize that what we’ve faced is worth it for the chance of bringing people into eternity with Christ. ​As Christians we have a voice that holds much more.​ ​His voice.​ A voice that heals disappointment, aides us in our time of need, and that is enough.

So what do we do?
1. We get to know the Person who is always with us!

We don’t just know about Him, but we put what we learn into practice. The next trying situation that comes our way…we think about who He says He is (the Bible as a reference) and trust in what He said!

It can be as easy as saying “I trust you” and really meaning it. Once you know who is with you, it changes how you view the “task”!

He is relational. By this example let us follow by being relational with others. Listening is a good place to start.

2. You pray and ask for Boldness.

In Acts we see the believers doing this very thing! (Acts 4:29-31)

3. Get some other people with you! A community.

Like I said before having people with you makes all the difference.

Now that we know what we are to do, how about the ​WHERE​.

“All Nations”.

The place where you start is right where you are. Your living room, your workplace, your gym.

Let’s sum it up with one word.


It is not so much of a task as it is being a person. When one becomes a Christian, they are no longer lost but found. No longer orphans but now sons and daughters. Sons and Daughter love others and they tell others the Good News. It is not so much a task, as it is just being who you are!

As you are lead from the place you are right now, watch God take you to places you never imagined. Some places are fun while others are challenging. The difference is that He is with you every step of the way, making a way, where there is no way. If you are a Christian, you are a son or a daughter. ​If you are a son or a daughter, you are SENT.

Here at YWAM Maui, we aim to match our actions as sent each and every day of our lives.

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