June 2019 Update – Send & Receive

Send And Receive

It’s an exciting time here at YWAM Maui! This week we are preparing to receive our DTS teams back from the nations.  This is a time of anticipation as we will have the opportunity to hear more about what the Lord has been doing in and through our teams.
We are also continuing to train and equip our SBFM students to take the Great Commission to the Middle  East in a few short weeks, just barely missing the arrival of our Reformation Generation Participants!
It’s not too late to join us for a summer of tremendous growth!

Apply for RefGen today!

Winter DTS Outreach Teams: 

Our outreach teams are just about to enter their last week of ministry before returning for a week of debriefing and their graduation the week of June 10th. Our Taiwan team is finishing strong with their surf camp. They are teaching surfing and boogie boarding to the kids while also leading beach cleanups. Beyond the immediate impact of this camp, their work is creating connections and relationships with the local government for the long term YWAMers. Team Himalayas is following up with the relationships they have created throughout their outreach and teaching in schools. Pray for wisdom and boldness for both of our teams as their DTS outreach comes to a close.  



As our SBFM enters into their last few weeks they are taking two weeks to look at the foundations of our faith.  The students have the opportunity to hear from our amazing Base Director Tom Osterhus on the Old and New Testaments.  It’s a time of really looking into the Word for what it says and gaining a greater understanding of the book as a whole from creation to redemption.

The Bible is God’s revelation to us.  As followers of Christ, this is our reference point for all of life and it is our duty to take the time to read, study and meditate on God’s word.


SBFM Student Glance:

“Last week during our day of solitude, I got to observe a young girl playing with her dad on a playground. She was holding his hand as she walked across a balance beam. After 3 or 4 times he challenged her, “ok, this time don’t lean back on me; just focus on the step right in front of you, you can do it!” As he spoke these words out he was simultaneously spotting her from behind and steadying the beam. This is what God is walking me through in the SBFM program. Stretching and growing me. Challenging me to trust that He has equipped me in such a way that I can look ahead and walk confidently in my beliefs, knowing that He is steadying my path from behind and is ready to catch me if I falter.”  – Kim Weld


Prayer Point:

Please continue to partner with us in prayer for a permanent property that will enable us to pursue the ministries that the Lord has set before us.

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