I’m Rebekka, from Germany, and I was a part of the Winter DTS of 2020! During my time on Maui, the biggest thing that the Lord taught me was to enjoy living in community.

I grew up with four siblings and I really loved being around them. I also loved hanging out with friends. But as I got older, I started doing a lot of stuff on my own. I became more and more independent, never wanting to ask people for help. I always pushed myself

hard, believing that in order to be strong, I could never reach out to my friends or family for help or support. I told myself that other people need more help than I did, that I didn’t deserve assistance. I knew inwardly that I couldn’t get through life better alone, but I was convinced that reaching out to friends and family and sharing my struggles with them would be burdening to them. I was far more comfortable with serving and helping others than with receiving.


Those three months on Maui were honestly some of the best months of my life. It is so amazing how many people can live together in a small space with absolute joy, when they are committed to loving and taking care of each other. I never believed that I could happily share a room with fifteen other girls, but it turned into such a blessing! Each and every one of them supported, encouraged, and loved each other SO well. This environment was only possible because of God. We all shared that passion— we all loved Jesus with all our hearts and had a passion for learning new things about the Gospel.


I am / was in the Surf DTS track, and I love my team so much! They really have become my family. The Lord really spoke to me and impacted me through my teammates. When I look back I realize how valuable our team time was, how important this time spent together was in each of our lives. At the beginning of my DTS it was really hard for me to talk about myself and my emotions. But through time spent in fellowship with my teammates, the Lord showed me that it is okay to talk about how I feel and what I think. He showed me that it is actually good and healthy to share things with people that I trust! This change in me was only possible because of my amazing and trustworthy team.


I’ve been home for a few months now— it already feels like DTS was years ago because of everything that has happened in the world since then. Despite the physical distance, me and my team are all still in contact with one another. The amazing thing about this community that the Lord has given me is that even though we are far from one another, I know that we are always there for each other! Now, the Lord is teaching me to continue to apply all that I learned about community in my life here in Germany. Having people that I can trust to share my heart and struggles with— and people who can share their heart and struggles with me as well— is an essential part of our walk with God. I am so grateful to understand the importance of community more fully now, and so excited about how this revelation will impact the calling God has on my life.

  • Rebekka, Surf DTS Student

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