A Mom in Missions

When we first heard the Lord calling us to staff at YWAM Maui, my husband and I had just found out that we were expecting our first child. So I was well on my way to planning for the start of our family and “settling down.” It took me months to finally fully embrace the call the Lord had spoken to us to join staff. The thought of uprooting our life, quitting our jobs, leaving our family and friends and moving across the ocean with a three month old baby was wild to me. And yet, I found so much peace when I should have felt anxious. And now we have been staffing at YWAM Maui for almost one year. Through all of this I am reminded of God’s faithfulness. Even if we don’t see any way – He is faithful. Even if we have resigned ourselves to a certain life or future – He is faithful. And even if we have given up on a “calling” or “dream” the Lord had spoken to us – HE IS FAITHFUL.

I had left YWAM Maui after completing two schools with the hope of one day joining staff. Four years down the road— after college, marriage, a career, and now raising a child —the Lord has fulfilled that longing in my heart. I find peace and rest in knowing that even when I don’t understand or see Him moving, He is still working, and we have only to trust and obey.

Becoming a mother was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. While staying home with my little one can make it hard to do normal staff activities, I have found that in a lot of ways it has actually opened the door for a lot of opportunities to disciple. I have found joy in doing little things such as having people over for coffee, leading growth groups, making food for gatherings, and serving in any little way I can. I have been learning that in almost every circumstance in life, you will find yourself surrounded by people in need (physical, mental, emotional, financial, spiritual, etc.) By listening to the Lord you can find ways to serve those around you even if you feel like you have little to offer. I am often reminded of the verse in Luke 16 where Jesus says “One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much.” This verse has helped fuel me through this slower season of motherhood, and it can pertain to every area of life.

I have already seen the Lord move in mighty ways in the past year of staffing. And even when I feel as though I have little to offer – He is faithful. And he encourages me to be faithful; faithful in seeking him, faithful in listening, faithful in serving, faithful in the little things.  And He is ultimately the one doing the work, yet we are blessed with the opportunity to partner with him. Being willing to listen to his call is the first step – then comes walking it out through faith.

  • Valerie Flanigan, a YWAM Maui Staff member

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