A Simple “Yes”

ALOHA my friends! So it has been about a year and a bit since I have joined staff here at YWAM Maui, and I can tell you two things: 1. This season has NOT been what I had expected, but 2. The Lord is FAITHFUL! Honestly, I jumped in expecting to live this crazy “missions” lifestyle and be leading teams overseas and yet I found myself serving in the hospitality department. If you were to ask what my job looks like on a daily basis, I would tell you that it looks very similar to any stay-at-home mom. I bake snacks for meetings and events, clean, do laundry, and restock the house with soap and other necessities. However, what you would not necessarily see are the moments of discipleship that take place around the kitchen counter, the tears of joy and celebration in worship at base events, those revelation filled conversations on the couches in the community room, and so much more! I have been in awe of the work that the Lord can do IN and THROUGH you by a simple “yes.” The Lord is not restrained to the “mission” field. He can and will work wherever He wants, however He wants.

It has truly been an honor and privilege to partner with God and what He is doing here at YWAM Maui. In the midst of completing my regular daily tasks, I get the opportunity to pour out into the students and community here. For all I know, these students could be the next Francis Chan, Mike Bickle, Hudson Taylor, you name it. OR they could simply be a godly business owner, spirit-filled mother or father, servant hearted waitress, a prayer warrior who intercedes for their family, but ultimately, a man or a woman passionate to surrender their lives to God’s lordship. The Lord is faithful, so how could we not desire being faithful in the little things He has given us? Working in the hospitality department has been such an eye opener to see the work of the Lord in such mundane activities. He tends to surprise me in the mysterious ways He works and I am excited and expectant to see how He continues to prove Himself faithful in the way He works to bring glory to His name.

I hope you feel encouraged knowing that no matter where you live or what you do, your simple “yes” to the Lord can open opportunities for His spirit to move in and through you. He will prove Himself faithful!

Be blessed,

Rachel Vanni from Hospo

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