“Yes, God”

Walking in obedience with the Lord is something we as Christians always strive for. We want that close relationship with Jesus that helps us walk the Christian walk that is described to us in the Bible. We want a father-like figure that directs and encourages us to keep falling at His feet and loving on others just as Jesus did. We want that comforting feeling, when we know that we are doing and following exactly what the Lord is asking us to do. But it’s not as simple as saying a prayer and going to church on Sundays. It’s about having an intimate relationship, giving Him room to speak, and acting on what He has to say.

In this past year and a half, God has really been testing my personal obedience in my walk with Him. Let me just say there’s been a lot of joy, excitement, frustration, sadness, goodbyes, and so much new growth! When we pray, we want to make sure that we give Jesus room to talk back to us. We have to give Him room to answer, and most importantly, we have to be willing to listen to what He has to say. In this past season of my life, God has continuously put me in positions where I get to decide whether I am going to be obedient when the Lord is speaking to me, or if I will stay in my comfortable little corner and take what I think is the easiest route. I have been practicing this simple answer:

“Yes, God.”

We may have times where the Lord speaks one thing and at the last moment He opens a new door. That’s when we get to decide if we want to give that “yes God” response. We can either say yes and follow His plan, or we try and go our own way— which, quite frankly, isn’t the greatest idea! I’ve said some pretty crazy “yes’s” this last year and I truly wouldn’t be here serving and learning so much about our Glorious Father if not. But in every single moment I can look back to my crazy mission testimonies, and see He is there at all times. I see the Lords hand in every situation. Every struggle. Every tear that was shed and every moment of joy and laughter. He was there!

The Lord is going to ask us to do things we literally cannot do alone. He’s never going to leave us. The Holy Spirit is with us always and is leading and guiding us constantly. But we just have to be willing to go! He’s going to put us in situations and give us new opportunities that are scary and uncomfortable: things that are the furthest thing from what we ever thought of doing! But in those situations He wants us to lean into Him more and put our full trust and obedience in Him. That moment when we say “yes”, even though it’s terrifying and we may not have the whole picture, we can rest in knowing God has the full picture!

He’s got you. You just have to be obedient and follow the path that he directs you on. This “yes” is the most terrifying yet freeing feeling ever. Knowing that you just said “yes” to the plan that the Creator of the universe has in store for you; that’s amazing! And all it takes is a simple “yes God.”


Written by Madi Williams, a student in our School of Biblical Foundations and Missions

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  1. That is statesmen Madi. We heard a good lesson today at our church on Faith and Obedience. It was about the story of Abraham when he was told by the Lord to bring his only begotten son to be offered up as a burnt offering. You know Abraham was a God- fearing man and he always did what the Lord wanted him to do, but thinking murder his own son? But as he took Isaac up to the place for the burnt offering he was just about to slay Isaac before placing him on the bundle of wood for the fire. As he was lifting the sword to slay Isaac, the Lord intervened and told him to stop. Abraham was so focused on what the Lord had told him to do and he trusted the Lord with all his soul and all his might, the Lord told Abraham that he did well in following God’s orders and then td Abraham here is the burnt sacrifice burn the lamb. And like you said Madi the Lord will put us in situations that we might not feel to comfortable about, but it is not our wil but His to be done. Nice job on the blog Madi. I am very proud of you and the walk you have chosen. That is so awesome!

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