Transformational Love of God: DTS student testimony

I heard about YWAM Maui when I was fifteen, sitting on a couch at a youth group I didn’t usually attend. A girl was talking about a Discipleship Training School- how she would go to Maui for three months, and then somewhere in Asia for another three. And being another small town kid who had been nowhere and wanted to go everywhere, I remember being in awe. “She gets to travel- FOR JESUS?!?!” What a happy thought. I filed it away in the back of my mind as a dream for the future.

Fast forward three years, finished high school, working retail and avoiding questions from EVERY SINGLE ADULT about what I wanted to do next. I was at such a loss. And it was such a lightbulb (God) moment that reminded me of YWAM Maui.

At that point I just felt a need to leave home, to make steps towards starting my life- relatable, right?- and knowing I wanted God to be the base, I took what seemed to be a very big leap.

And from there the leap brought me here, sitting in one of my favorite God moments. We were on Outreach, sitting cross-legged on the floor of a square room, in a cluster of Bangladeshi women so tight we were practically on top of each other, as one of the members of my team finished up their devotion. “… So thank you for coming and for teaching us,” the women began to greet us goodbye. “And a special thanks,” a woman named Majada chimed in, “for spending time with us and for learning our names.”

I was so touched. The last four mornings I’d been with these women, and while they were hard at work sewing blankets, I sat in the middle of the room. I sang English songs, I learned what I could about them, I laughed along as they mocked my poor Bangla. And at the end of this time, I had the amazing opportunity to pray with each of them individually. I prayed the Lord would continue to reveal his love to them, as it had been revealed to me, and my heart was to exemplify this love.

I don’t know what I’d expected when my team and I stepped off the plane in Bangladesh. The traditional clothes were cool- I loved rice and daal so we were good on that front, not to mention that from now on I’d be able to sneak into conversation how I’d lived in Asia for 3 months.

And then being there, a small part of me was like, wow God you love THESE PEOPLE TOO that’s nuts you are good God. They need it.

It took me a while to realize how badly I needed it, too.

But with every waking day, the Lord impressed upon me a message of his love FOR ME. I didn’t understand it. It overwhelmed me completely, that the GOD OF THE UNIVERSE had brought me to Bangladesh, so far from everything I knew, to share the love that I was lucky enough to know. It changed how I thought of the people around me- the ones who were often dirty, who stood uncomfortably close, who offered food I REALLY didn’t want to eat- those who lived in a way that I could easily turn up my nose at. And instead, my heart began to break, burdened by the Father’s love for all those who didn’t know- there in Bangladesh and back home in Canada alike!

The new mornings kept coming- I woke sticky with sweat to a Muslim prayer call. It was just another day in Bangladesh, weaving through busy streets like ducklings in a single file. Hip-checking cows on the side of the road, bartering for fruit from sidewalk vendors, looking to catch any woman’s gaze to tell her she was beautiful. You know, the usual.

Each day held a new adventure. Whether it was preaching in a church, playing with the children at a local school, or going into a village and seeing who needed prayer. Everything seemed urgent, with the message of the Lord’s personal and intimate love stamped upon my heart. We walked sidewalks, dirt roads, rice fields, sometimes going house to house, sitting with the people, sharing snacks and laughter. And I basked in what an honor it was in such a simple act as this to share the gospel, seeing first hand what it was like to be a missionary, and so excited to practice it wherever I went.

It was a sense of constantly being blown away- “Whoa, God,” catch my breath, “you are good.” It’s a thought that will never again be commonplace because I have seen for myself that it is true.

I came to YWAM Maui because I wanted God to tell me what to do (preferably in a big booming voice, because you know, bad at listening), but instead, I learned how to live. With the transformational love of God in my heart, guiding my every step.

I feel as though I could go on and on about what a blessing this ministry has been in my life- the people, the teachings, the presence of the Lord! But I really think it’s something you should come out and discover for yourselves.

You won’t regret it.


Say YES Now: 5 common questions about YWAM Maui DTS

What is DTS?

Youth With A Mission Discipleship Training School seeks to bring you into a more intimate relationship with God. It also gives you an opportunity to discover your passions and your part in God’s purposes for the world. It is for those who long to follow Jesus in new ways with a different perspective. Our vision is to know God and to make Him known, and this training school is the beginning steps to make this a daily lifestyle. It will train and equip you to take your intimate relationship with Jesus to the places you are called to influence, whether it be a foreign mission field, media, business, education, etc.

How long is DTS?

DTS is a five to six-month training school which is split into two parts – lecture phase and outreach phase. The lecture phase is 12 weeks long, consisting of daily lectures that cover topics such as the Father Heart of God, Identity, Bible Overview, Worldview & Apologetics, and the Holy Spirit. In this time you will have weekly small groups, mentorship, and outreach to the local community on Maui, as well as corporate worship and prayer times. It’s an amazing time to be surrounded by a community of men and women who are chasing after Jesus, as you dive deeper into your personal relationship with Him.

The outreach phase of DTS is between 8 – 12 weeks long and is spent being the hands and feet of Jesus in the nations – bringing the good news of the Gospel, radically loving everyone you meet, and encouraging the local church! It is an amazing adventure, filled with a range of different ministries as well as going even deeper in knowing God. You will get to see His power and love spread through the nations. It’s a time to implement what you learned in lecture phase to your daily life and to impact nations!

Where do you go for outreach?

Our base in Maui primarily focuses on Southeast Asia. We send teams to countries such as Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, and Bangladesh,  as well as other nations. Ministries in these locations can range from slum and children’s ministry to the red light district and woman ministry. We have had teams work in prisons, orphanages, schools, and churches. You will be able to work alongside our contacts that we have built relationships with over the years and be a part of the long-term ministries in these nations! 

Why YWAM Maui?

Why not Maui? That’s the real question! If not only for the beautiful beaches, palm trees, insane sunsets and island culture, then come join us in the call God has given our base. Our vision is to build foundations in the next generation in the Living Word and written Word: to see a generation founded on Biblical truths and walking in the freedom of Christ; to see men and women, just like you, walking in the Truth of the Word and the power of the Spirit. We want our relationship with Christ to affect all areas of our lives every day with every person we encounter. We pray that we would be a generation that is not walking by the standards of what society says but walking in the freedom of what God’s Truth says! Not only will you be able to dig your toes in the sand but you will be able to dig into His word and be transformed by the Living Word, Jesus, and His written word, the Bible.

Why DTS? 

Does your heart long to know Jesus, maybe for the first time or in a new deeper way? Do you desire to know more of who you were created to be and the radical call God has placed on your life? Do you long to see God’s love known in the nations? Do you want to be a part of a generation of young men and women saying YES to Jesus? Come and do a DTS, say YES now, and watch as Jesus transforms your life and the lives of those around you! 



DTS: A Students Perspective

Three weeks ago I was on a plane, talking to an elderly lady named Dolly and learning ALL about her grandchildren as we flew over miles and miles (and miles and miles and did I mention miles) of ocean. I had no idea even remotely what to expect when I arrived at my new 3-month home, I’d never even been to HAWAII before; is the ocean really warm or is that just a myth? do they have ample supplies of granola at the YWAM base? Are there killer bees the size of your face? WHO KNEW BRO, I WAS FREAKIN OUT.

Now, it’s 3 weeks later and I just finished watching Ferris Bueller’s Day off on a dying laptop balanced on a box of diet cherry Pepsis and stabilized with a bag of Cheetos with some of the best humans I’ve ever known. dude, I’ve found my ohana.

When I stepped on the YWAM Maui base for the first time, I was immediately hit by hugs. people didn’t just say “hi, my name is ___” and do the awkward wave-and-smile thing from a distance– they came to you and HUGGED you before basic introductions were even completed. They just saw you as a human being and loved you immediately. The room where I sleep in has 3-layer bunk-beds to fit the 18 girls necessary, which is crazy cluttered with an eclectic assortment of clothing, and completely perfect. It’s like having a sleepover with 17 of the raddest humans for 3 straight months, 8 feet above the ground!! (because guess who got put on the very top bunk and is scared of heights! hint: ME) outside of the actual house, the YWAM Maui property has 5 avocado trees, a star fruit tree, a guava tree, coconut trees, banana trees, and a small garden, so snacking has reached a new level of fantastic. As a professional snacker, I can assure you that these are QUITE quality snacks. the base is also generally gorgeous (it’s Hawaii so it’s basically an actual postcard), and walking distance from an overpriced hipster coffee shop and 10 minutes from a beach. so if you really want to embrace your inner basic, I’d highly suggest taking advantage of this prime location to do so!!

More importantly, our lives here at the base are centered around the single most essential thing in existence: God. we have the craziest worship sessions, times where the whole base prays together, and guest speakers that teach Monday through Friday every week, each one bringing a new aspect of God to light. It’s not at all uncommon for people here to pull you aside and pray for you or tell you a vision that God gave them for you. Never in my life have I been around a community of people with hearts so on fire for Jesus. They are RADICAL Christians. Being in an environment where everyone wakes up to live their day out for God has really challenged me in my own walk with Christ, because dude, He is the ALL-KNOWING, ALL-POWERFUL, OMNIPRESENT, STAR-BREATHING, HOLY, PERFECT EVERLASTING GOD OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, who proved that He would rather DIE than live without you and me. We, humans trapped in an endless cycle of sin, had our ransom paid by the uncreated Creator of the universe so that we could live in intimate relationship with Him for eternity. WHAAAAT??! THAT’S MY GOD. Honestly dude it just makes me want to start throwing all my possessions at His feet and also a lot of nice food and also ALL OF ME.

Every week in lectures, God has hit me with something new. The first week, we learned about the character and nature of God, which is hilarious because He’s so vast we can’t even BEGIN to know all of Him with our tiny human brains. The full extent of His glory is beyond our comprehension, but we’re blessed with smaller revelations of his overwhelming goodness. The next week, we studied a general overview of the entire Bible, basically showing us that the whole thing is a huge arrow pointing to Jesus. this week, we had a lecture with a scary title, but it ended up being my favorite week out of all of them. It was on the fear of God– not panic, not terror, but awe and reverence. He is so big, and we are so small. He is so overwhelmingly God, and we are not. just as the faucets in the showers at YWAM Maui supposedly control the temperature of the water, but instead do absolutely nothing whatsoever as far as I can tell, society gives us the APPEARANCE of being in control of life. so we twist the hot and cold handles, try to manipulate our own situations, try to live life for ourselves and are absolutely CERTAIN that WE can do it. we refuse to admit that God is all-powerful and that it’s through giving our whole hearts and total control to him that we find freedom and peace.

Yesterday evening I was swimming in the ocean, and when I brought my head up from the water, I suddenly realized just what I currently get to do with my life. I looked around at the rising mountains, the golden light from the fading sun, and felt the warm turquoise water moving beneath me. I’m a missionary living in Hawaii, in an ocean that looks like a travel ad. I live in a community of people with hearts on fire for Jesus. and God has given me the privilege of going out and showing the love of Jesus to the nations of the world. all I had to do was choose HIM. it may not always be Hawaii, but He will always be God. and that is everything.

I’m never going back.

lots of love,


Lecture Phase Awe & Outreach Excitement

Camille Wall shares Her lecture Phase awh-hah moments and love of the Lords work. She adds some future outreach plans and excitement for team Bangladesh Spring DTS!


I am 2 weeks away from getting on a plane that will take me to Asia once again. Spring 2017 DTS lecture phase is almost over and outreach to Bangladesh is about to start! I am so excited to be co-leading this team with Dana and to take 5 students into this wild nation.

Lecture phase has been jam packed with the greatest of revelations, breakthroughs and encounters with the One Living God. We have had lectures including Father Heart of God, Character and Nature of God, Hearing God’s Voice, Bible Overview, Holy Spirit, Apologetics, Fear of the Lord, and Identity. Every week has been impactful in significant ways, receiving new and fresh revelation from every speaker through content, the word of God and His presence.

One of my favorite weeks was the week on Fear of the Lord. I have never heard a lecture week on this topic before. I was very intrigued to find out what it would all be about. Our teacher Mike Brown, from YWAM Kona came and brought the fire. The Lord brought conviction and placed burdens on my heart to see a generation and myself walk out in a holy fear of God.

 “We cannot truly love God until we fear Him, nor can we properly fear Him until we love Him.” –John Bevere

We learned so much about how the friends of God are the ones that Fear God. Being God’s friend comes with an understanding and walking in reverence and awe of our All Powerful, Infinite, Almighty King of Kings and Lord of Lords that sits on the throne forevermore. It’s about Lordship and realizing what we fear is what we will worship, if we fear man more than God, we will worship man. Lordship is surrendering our whole lives to God, and understanding that He is our Master and Lord.

The Lord has lit a fire inside of me that longs to see this generation have a heart posture of fear of the Lord. A heart posture that motivates us to walk in radical obedience to the Lord, that brings transformation to nations, and brings freedom to people.

There are 2 flames that simultaneously burn together: That God is both Love and Holy. Together we can have a Holy fear of God and reverence towards Him.

“By those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy; and before all people I must be glorified.”  -Leviticus 10:3

 And we can see His unconditional love and understand the GOODNESS of God.

“For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.” – Psalm 100:5

This week of lectures was huge and brought us into deeper intimacy with Jesus as a Spring DTS. These last 2 months have been full of encounters with God, not just in lectures but as we have grown together as a team. Through going out and doing community outreach and learning about Bangladesh and how we can best minister to the people of this nation. We are so stoked to be going to Bangladesh for the next 2 months, where we will get to do ministry, such as street evangelism, teaching in local churches, house visits (prayer for healing and sharing the gospel) children’s ministry, university ministry and much more.

Please be praying for my team as we go into this nation!

Pray for:

–       Supernatural protection over our whole team

–        Open hearts for the people to hear the gospel and respond

–        False beliefs and lies to be shattered so the truth can come in

–        Team unity


Camille Wall